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Elf Diviner 5


Gildan wasn’t born in the village. He does not talk much about his parents or his origin. It looks like he’s been member of the village since ever. There’s not many people who remember his arrival there because of his elvish longevity.
Gildan was raised by local chronicler Ilwick and his father. Ilwick’s father belogned to rangers who were responsible for watching over woods and ruins beacuse of presence of variety of monsters. He used to take Gildan with on safer expeditions. They used to trek through the woods and that helped Gildan to get used to new environment. Gildan distanced himself from other people when his new father had died.
Ilwick and Gildan were at first like brothers and they used to be together all the time. They had love to knowledge in common. But eventually Ilwick has grown up faster than Gildan and their understanding to each other isn’t what it used to be.
Later when Gildan has met another – younger –generation and took an adventure with them, they have agreed on cooperation with mysterious Mei-Xiu and left their home village. Gildan hopes that he could find out some day what happened with his parents.

Gildan is an elf no taller than most humans. He has long dark hair and gray eyes. He is always seen in the company of his lizard friend „Chňap“. Gildan draws attention to himself merely by being an elf but he tries to keep himself out of sight.


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